Will I get hit?

No. At TITLE Boxing Club, you’ll get fit without getting hit. In our fitness classes, you use a 100 pound heavy bag. A trained boxer will teach you the best techniques for a total body workout.

Who belongs to TITLE Boxing Club?

We have women, men and their families. Check your local club for youth age restrictions.

Can I try a class before I commit?

Of course. We’re so sure you’ll love this unique way to get in shape, your First Shot is Free! Check out the schedule and come to the gym. Arrive 20 minutes early to meet with our gym staff and get you ready. This is open to first time visitors only.

What equipment do I need?

What should I wear or bring?

Come ready to Hit It Hard! This is not like your local fitness center. If you don’t have time to change before you get here, we have a limited number of changing rooms and showers. Wear what you normally would wear to exercise in, and we recommend that you bring a towel and a bottle of water. Check with your local TITLE Boxing Club to see what amenities your club offers.

How early should I arrive for a class?

Members should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early in your workout gear and ready to go. You’ll need the extra time to get your hands wrapped and put on your gloves. Visitors should arrive 20 minutes early to check in with a TITLE Boxing Club representative before starting the class.

What are the classes like?

Each class lasts one hour and varies in intensity and style, but each shares a common thread—intensive full body training. You will never get hit in a fitness class, but you will hit and kick 100 pound heavy bags. All classes are taught by trained boxers and kick boxers, so you’ll learn the fundamentals and techniques from a pro. Low and high impact are available for any fitness and skill level.